Order cheap roll up deluxe banner.

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  • Order cheap roll up deluxe banner.
  • Order cheap roll up deluxe banner.
  • Order cheap roll up deluxe banner.
  • Order cheap roll up deluxe banner.
  • Order cheap roll up deluxe banner.
  • Order cheap roll up deluxe banner.
  • Order cheap roll up deluxe banner.
  • Order cheap roll up deluxe banner.
  • Order cheap roll up deluxe banner.
  • Order cheap roll up deluxe banner.
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Order cheap roll up deluxe banner. The deluxe roll ups are suitable for regular use and are delivered quickly.
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Roll up deluxe

The roll up deluxe is the most luxurious model of the roll up systems, and has a refined finish. The wind-up system runs exceptionally smooth. The roll up deluxe can be used countless times. The cassette doesn't have swivelling legs, but has a wide cassette that makes it possible to place the roll up deluxe close to a wall if needed. The banner can be set up quickly, and adds to the luxurious appeal of your product. The roll up deluxe is suitable for indoor use.

The deluxe model has an exceptionally good wind-up system, making it incredibly easy to pull out and roll up the banner. The roll up deluxe is supplied with print and aluminium housing, and is highly suitable for promoting in shops, showrooms, window displays and at conventions. The roll up deluxe weighs 6.1 to 8.2 kg and is supplied a black nylon carrying bag.

The roll up banner deluxe is printed in full colour, and is supplied in an aluminium housing. The cassette has a beautiful design. The roll up deluxe comes fully assembled. The roll up deluxe is available in 3 different widths: 60, 85, 100, 120 en 150 cm. The height is adjustable to a maximum of 200 cm, however, you can also choose to pull up the canvas a little less, in order to make the banner less high. This can have a nice effect. 

To set up the roll up deluxe, take the aluminium pipes out of the cassette, slide them into one another and place them in the available opening. Next, you can pull the canvas from the cassette and hook it onto the aluminium pipe, at the top. The aluminium pipe can be adjusted to the desired height.
When you want to take down the roll up deluxe, unhook the canvas from the pipe and slowly let it roll back into the cassette. The spring inside the system will ensure that the banner will roll up. After that, take the pipes out of the cassette and take them apart. The pipes can be placed back into the cassette. The cassette can be placed back into the carrying bag in its entirety.

Order roll up deluxe

Easily order your roll up deluxe online at Roll-up.com:

  1. Choose the desired size;
  2. Choose the material;
  3. Use the 'notes' box to add your personal wishes;
  4. You can download the working drawings in the tab 'working drawings', under the assembly options;
  5. Design your roll up in the working drawing or have this done by us for free;
  6. Upload your files;
  7. Order your roll up.

Large files can be sent using WeTransfer or info@roll-up.com.

Material for the print:

  Roll Up Film (Premium) ★★★★ PVC Banner 510 (B1) ★★★ Ferrari Decolit (B1/M1) ★★★★★
Quality Photo quality Good quality Razor-sharp photo quality
Gloss level Mat Satin Mat
Certificate No B1 (Fire retardant) B1 (Fire retardant)/ M1 (Fire retardant French standard)
Deformation No curvature Curvature No curvature
Transparency material No transparency (silver-gray / block-out backside) Light transparency Light transparency

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  • Graphics Size (W):85 cm / 34″
  • Graphics Size (H):200 cm / 79″
  • Material:Roll Up Film (Premium), PVC Banner 510 (B1), Ferrari Decolit (B1/M1)
  • Fireproof:PVC 510 and Ferrari Decolit B1 certificate
  • Printing:UV printing, single-sided
  • Cassette:Aluminium cassette
  • Colour:Silver
  • Weight:6.100 gram
  • Installation Time:+ / - 2 minutes
  • Additional:Comes with black nylon bag
  • Variable height:Yes
  • Width of 60, 85, 100, 120 en 150 cm;
  • Height of 156-200 cm;
  • Can be used countless times;
  • Very refined and luxurious look;
  • Competitively priced;
  • Printed on one side;
  • Can be set up in 1 minute;
  • Excellent quality and with crisp print;
  • Beautiful, wide aluminium cassette;
  • The canvas can be replaced;
  • Comes complete with carrying bag.
Quantity Discount in percentages
6 3%
12 6%
18 9%
24 12%
30 15%
60x200 60x200
85x200 85x200
100x200 100x200
120x200 120x200
150x200 150x200

Download the working drawing of the roll up above. The drawings are available as PDF or AI (Adobe Illustrator) file. When designing, keep in mind the following guidelines.

Roll up banner mockups.

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