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All roll up cassettes are packaged in a sturdy carry case with window. For transport, the roll up banners are packaged in a cardboard box.

Function of the roll up cassette.

Roll up cassettes are used to allow your banner to be rolled out and up again smoothly and quickly. They are provided with a cover plate and strong adhesive tape or clamping profiles, which means the banner placed in the cassette remains in place at all times. At the top of the print, most models feature a click or clamping system. This tool can be hooked onto the stand easily, and keeps the print in place and at the correct height. This means your banner is clearly visible at all times!

Types of cassettes

At, you can find a wide range of different cassettes. Depending on your wishes, your budget and the size of your banner, we can always provide the ideal solution. Our range contains the following cassette models:

  • budget;
  • classic;
  • comfort;
  • black cassette;
  • deluxe;
  • premium and premium black;
  • double-sided and double-sided deluxe;
  • superior white and black (also loose cartridges);
  • XL;
  • XXL;
  • outdoor;
  • mini cassette.

Important considerations when buying

When buying a cassette for your roll up banner, it is of course important to look closely at a number of specifications which we will discuss briefly below.

The size

The first consideration is of course the size. You may want to come forward with a large banner that is visible from a considerable distance. In that case, you can choose the deluxe model or, if you want to go even bigger, the XL or the XXL versions. Would you prefer to opt for a more modest and subtle approach? Then roll up banner cassettes like the budget (height 200 centimetres, width 85 centimetres) or the classic are an excellent choice. The mini is extremely suitable for placing banners on a counter or table. Click on the model to see the sizes in which it can be supplied. Some roll up cassettes have one or two swivel feet, while others use a heavier system that can be placed closer to walls.

Material and weight of the roll up banner cassette

Of course, the material can also influence the choice of a roll up cassette. Most of our cassettes are made of aluminium and are matt silver in colour. The advantage of aluminium is that this material links strength and robustness to a relatively modest weight. Furthermore, aluminium is relatively maintenance-free. The outdoor cassette is resistant to adverse weather such as wind and rain. Are you a fan of the timeless colour black? Then you can opt for the roll up banner cassette black or the premium roller cassette black. This last model exudes exclusivity thanks to its beautiful shine and finish. The weight of our cassettes varies from 0.34/0.44 kilos (the mini) up to 13 kilos (XL). The lighter models are best suited to the smaller roll up banners, while the large cassettes allow you to let your fantasy and creativity take flight on large banners.

Top and bottom systems

Most of our roller cassettes are equipped with a top system on a click basis. Depending on the model, the bottom can also feature a click system (deluxe, premium and premium black) or a self-adhesive strip (budget, classic, comfort, black cassette, double-sided and double-sided deluxe cassette, XL and outdoor). The mini cassette contains a self-adhesive strip as the top as well as at the bottom. Our clamping systems and tape have been extensively tested to ensure that they do not come loose easily.


The stands supplied are often telescopic rods with clips instead of a stand with a rotating mechanism such as supplied by many other manufacturers. Telescopic stands with clips are much more user-friendly and robust. Most of the stands have a scale division, which is convenient if you need to get tow stands to the same height, to keep the banner level.

Cases and halogen spotlight

With the exception of the compact mini, every roll up cassette is supplied with a handy and sturdy case. This makes it a lot easier to transport and store the cassettes securely. The cases are carefully finished with sturdy zips and filled with sufficient foam for good protection. In many cases, we have chosen cases that have a zipper along the length of the case, so the cassettes can be removed from the case easily. Do you want to display your roll up banner to best effect in a dark or badly-lit area? Many of the models can be fitted with a halogen spotlight or an LED spot.

Price range of the roller cassettes

The roller cassettes vary in price from 9 up to 150 Euros (excluding VAT). The mini cassette is the most economical model, while the large and robust XL cassette and the elegant superior cassettes are the most expensive types in our extensive and versatile range. Models like the budget and the classic are also keenly priced, while the middle range is made up of roll up banner cassettes like the reliable premium and the stylish deluxe. Whatever your budget, we always have a suitable roller cassette for your advertising banners.


The cassettes we supply are packaged in a sturdy carry cases. In addition to a sturdy case, we package the unit in a sturdy cardboard box during transport, to reduce the chance of damage during transport. For large quantities, the boxes are carefully stacked on pallets.

When should you use a roll up cassette?

Roll up banners are a useful tool for product promotion and have many advantages. This includes the situations listed below.

  • Roll up banners are indispensable when furnishing an exhibition stand. A good roller cassette allows you to quickly and easily enhance your exhibition stand with a smart and eye-catching banner. Roll up cassettes also make it easy to quickly put up a pop-up stand.
  • Roll up banners and roller cassettes are also a great solution when it comes to dressing a shop, showroom or company building. A cost-effective, striking and effective form of advertising that guarantees you will steal the show!
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