Materials for the print

At, you can choose from three different materials for the print. Every material has unique features that make it easy to make a choice when ordering one or more roll up banners.

The materials used at are:

  • Polyester Premium Film;
  • PVC banner 510gr/m2 (Budget);
  • Ferrari Decolit.

The material used in a roll up banner is of great importance for the look of the product. Some of the features that are important are surface, sheen, warping, transparency, environment, certificates and price.


The surface of the material will impact on the sharpness of the print. Premium polyester film has a smooth surface which means you get a photo-quality print. PVC banner has a rougher surface which means the print isn't quite as sharp. The Ferrari Decolit material has a slightly coarse surface which resembles textile cloth.

Roll up Premium PVC Banner 510gr/m2 Roll up Ferrari Decolit


For exhibitions and areas that are lit by artificial light, the level of sheen is important. A glossy surface makes the print less visible from certain angles. For roll up banners, the preference is for a matt surface. Our Premium film has a matt surface which means the print is clearly visible from various angles. PVC banner has the disadvantage of having a light sheen that can make it less visible from an acute angle. Just like the Premium film, the Ferrari Decolit also has a matt surface.

Roll up Premium PVC Banner 510gr/m2 Roll up Ferrari Decolit


The most important aspect of a roll up banner is the warping of the material. A roll up banner that has become warped looks less professional than one that has not. The materials that do not warp are the Premium film and the Ferrari Decolit. PVC banner does warp and also looks a little cheaper. Alongside the material, the quality of the cassette and the print technique used can also have an impact on the warp effect.

Roll up Premium PVC Banner 510gr/m2 Roll up Ferrari Decolit


When you place a roll up banner in front of a window or a lamp, you don't want it to be transparent. Depending on the material and the composition, some materials are more transparent than others. Our Premium Film benefits from a grey block-out layer which means it is not transparent. PVC banner 510 and Ferrari Decolit don't have a block-out layer and will be more transparent.


These days, the environment is also an important aspect when deciding on which material to use. Alongside environmentally friendly inks and production technique (UV instead of Solvent), we also look at the environmental impact of the material. Ferrari Decolit is 100% recyclable and our Premium film is completely free of PVC. PVC contains harmful substances that are released during incineration.

PVC vrij Recyclebaar


Sometimes, roll up banners used at exhibitions are required to have fire resistance certificates. PVC banners require a certificate due to the harmful substances that they release. Our PVC banner 510 and Ferrari Decolit carry a B1 certificate. In addition, the Ferrari Decolit also carries an M1 certificate for the French market.

The Premium Polyester film does not carry a certificate because this material cannot be impregnated with fire resistant coating.

PVC Banner 510 B1 Certificate ⬇      Ferrari Decolit B1 Certificate ⬇      Ferrari Decolit M1 Certificate ⬇

Cerificaat B1/M1


For many customers, price is the decisive factor when choosing the material. PVC banner 510 is the most economical material we offer.

As standard, we supply a luxury Premium polyester film that complies with our strict quality standards. The reason for using the polyester film as standard is that we can guarantee its quality. We try to maintain the same price as used for the PVC, except for the budget models. That is because the cost price of the polyester film lies higher than that of PVC banner 510. In addition, we also offer the more expensive Ferrari Decolit. A high-quality material that is extremely suitable for roll up banners and which looks great.

Material for the print:

  Roll Up Film (Premium) ★★★★ PVC Banner 510 (B1) ★★★ Ferrari Decolit (B1/M1) ★★★★★
Quality Photo quality Good quality Razor-sharp photo quality
Gloss level Mat Satin Mat
Certificate No B1 (Fire retardant) B1 (Fire retardant)/ M1 (Fire retardant French standard)
Deformation No curvature Curvature No curvature
Transparency material No transparency (silver-gray / block-out backside) Light transparency Light transparency
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